The collection of all 3 hand and cuticle oils. Packaged in their own cotton drawstring bags.



A sweet blend of citrus and vanilla.


Uplifting, for clarity and radiance. Our selected citrus essential oils are abundant in antioxidants, and contain detoxifying and antibacterial properties to aid in invigorating dull skin. The sweet scent balanced with a subtle touch of vanilla promotes creativity, freedom – a vision of sunny orchards, and a familiar childhood comfort.



The sacred rose, blended with patchouli and frankincense.


Soothing and grounding. The Rose, queen of flowers, is healing on the skin and the heart. Accompanied by earthy notes of patchouli and frankincense to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles. Softened by white grapefruit, this blend has a depth that is ideal for meditation, and nurtures emotional strength and love.



A dreamy blend of Australian nerolina and lavender.


Balancing, to calm your body and mind. Lavender’s anti-inflammatory properties assist healing and reduce redness, while it’s scent is known to relieve stress, anxiety and nervous tension. The slight woodiness of the Australian native nerolina plant and patchouli help to ground, soothe and relax – restoring emotional balance.


Hand blended in Ngunnawal country, Australia. Tested on hard working human hands, not animals. 100% vegan. Mineral oil free, paraben free, no artificial fragrances or synthetics.


  • Size: 3 Full Sized 30ml/1.01oz products.

    Each oil comes in a reusable, cotton pouch.