A sustainable + cost-effective refillable pouch option for our bath and body products, to encourage the re-use of our black jars. These pouches are carbon negative, made from sugarcane, and are recyclable in the PE stream (#4). The labels used on our pouches are sustainably made and bio-degradable.


A tranquil blend of magnesium, coconut milk, and butterfly pea.


Magnesium flakes dissolve and absorb through the skin, relieving muscle tension and supporting a good night’s sleep. Coconut milk softens and hydrates, while butterfly pea transforms your bath into a beautiful sky blue. Violet leaf and lavender soothe the skin and the soul, surrounding you in a nostalgic garden of dreams.


Hand blended in Canberra, Australia. Tested on hard working human hands, not animals. 100% vegan. Mineral oil free, paraben free, no artificial fragrances.


  • Size: 250gm/8.81oz

    Available in two packaging options: 

    Black Glass Jar: A luxe, reusable option that enhances longevity of your product. Comes in a large, reusable cotton pouch.

    Compostable Pouch: An environmentally conscious refill option, in a plant based, recyclable sachet. Please note, this option does not come in a cotton pouch.